Update issue with

So I’m updating my main Scrivener install to from 1.0.3. I had the beta installed to a different folder in Program Files entirely. Now that I’m trying to update the regular Scrivener file, it’ll only update ScrivenerBeta. I uninstalled the beta, ran Scrivener from the real Scrivener directory, and it still installs the update in …Program Files\ScrivenerBeta.

I delete the ScrivenerBeta file…and the update installs into a newly-created ScrivenerBeta file.

Probably not an issue that’s going to affect most people, but it’s a bugger. I had to do a clean install to get Scrivener installed to the proper directory. (Check for updates is still broken on, like it was on the 6/16 beta.)

Argh, that’s the second report; at least now I know where the weird folder designation is coming from.

I have no idea if it’ll persist into the next update, since there isn’t another update to download. (I’m assuming the “no active internet connection” is the update check failing?)

I’m having the same problem. I pulled up Scrivener and it asked if I wanted to do an update to 1.2.1
Since I’d updated yesterday, I checked my folders and, sure enough I have 2 folders
1 Scrivener, and one Scrivener Beta.
should I uninstall both, or wait?

Okay, I poked around in RegEdit a bit. Check the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER]\Software\Scrivener\Scrivener key group. You should see a “Location” key. Does that point to the beta folder? Try changing it to “C:\Program Files\Scrivener” (or wherever it should point to).

I have not been able to update within Scrivener since the beta. Get the internet connection error message. Had to download official release via website.

Yep. Points to the correct location. I did a clean install of

If I do that, I don’t think it will find the 1.2.1 Scrivener, as the update created a ScrivenerBeta folder.
BTW: I didn’t have a beta Scrivener in my computer when I updated.
winxp sp3