Update Not Detected?

I just noticed that my Scrivener is checking for updates daily, however, it didn’t detect the July 2 update. I only found out about it from a post here on July 9. Perhaps it’s because I often leave S running for days at a time, but it probably wasn’t running from July 2 through July 9. Also, perhaps this checking wasn’t available until version 7.2.

But if those things aren’t so, you might check that it is indeed detecting new versions.

Hmm, I’m not sure if the algorithm resets itself when a day ticks over while the software is running, or if “daily” just means that is how frequently it will check during software launch alone.

Does running the check manually, from the Help menu, not see the update? If it does see it, then my guess is that it just checks when launching and as you speculate, you just had it open through the update launch.

It didn’t tell me about version 1.7.3. I know I’ve closed it and opened it multiple times since Aug 20.

When I check for updates from the Help menu, it noted the new version.