Update & Preferences

hi Keith,

I just updated Scrivener and realized that, not only the view preferences were lost (I somehow expected this) but also the content of my scratch pad. This is much more important to me, since I use it a lot to jot down ideas, next things to tackle in the project, etc. So I’m quite lost now and fear I’ve already forgotten a few of the things I planned to do… It is unfortunate that updating the software interferes with the content of existing documents.

Is there a way to retreive my Scratch Pad content?

But this “lost something” brings me on a topic concerning “viewing preferences” and the like. As well as others, I’d like to have my preferences kept even if I move/rename a document. You mention in another post that, as recommended by Apple, settings are saved based on their project path, which is the source of the problem. I’m no Cocoa programmer myself, and haven’t looked at Apple’s recommendations, but I guess you keep the path as a string and “work from there”. Couldn’t you somehow use an Alias instead, and benefit from the fact that Aliases keep track of their “original item” in OSX? Instead of a path to the project, I’d guess that a path to a “fixed” Alias, from which you would get the current path of the project would be a simple way to solve the problem.



Keith has already made your wish come true in 1.02 by making project-settings stay with the project. Your existing project settings went back to default when you upgraded, precisely because of this change. Henceforward, your project settings will “stick” even when you move/rename a project. Works great. (Templates created in 1.02 now save project-wise settings, too.)


I believe I missed a rather important piece of information in the release notes: the old scratch pad contents have become project notes. This is because the scratch pad used to the project notes pane, then it got renamed to the scratch pad, but internally it was still known as project notes. Then I introduced project notes, so there were two things with that name internally. So if you open up your project notes, you will find your old scratch pad contents. Just copy and paste it across to your sratch pad. Sorry I didn’t mention that.

As for viewing preferences, I recommend you read the release notes to 1.02. It is always a good idea to read the release notes before posting stuff that already exists. :slight_smile:

All the best,

I feel so stupid now!

In a rush, I just proceeded with what I thought was a “routine” incremental upgrade (+.01), and BAM some of my stuff had “dissapeared”, so I freaked out.

But I just took a look at the release notes, and… (jaw on the floor)… NOW I’m freaking!!! Keith, what you’ve done is simply amazing!

Anyways, sorry for the rather useless post, Thanks for your info concerning the scratch pad and, most importantly, Thanks for your great work!

Enjoy your holiday!

P.S: Not sure I’m expressing myself the most adequate way, English being my second language, but I guess you get the point…

Thanks. :slight_smile: And no problem - like I say, you did point out a pretty important omission from the release notes. :blush:
All the best,