Update problems: Non-Fiction with Sub-Heads (Hierarchical)

Several months ago, I created a document that compiled great to PDF using Format As: Non-Fiction with Sub-Heads (Hierarchical)

Now that I’ve update to Version: - 27 May 2014, compiling is really messed up!

The resulting PDF went from 133 KB to over 7 MB!

Worse, it generates hundreds of blank pages

Also, many pages’ content is only on the leftmost half of pages

How can I fix this?

Please, advise. Thank you

Would it be possible to send us a copy of the project so we can take a look at the problem directly? Use the File/Back Up/Back Up To… menu command, with the zip compression option enabled at the bottom, and attach that .zip to an e-mail support request.

Please leave the project in a state where compiling will produce the problem, and point us to where we should be looking for glitches (page numbers, types of problems).

Done - thank you

What’s the prognosis? I have not seen any response

How can I manually do the same as that template? I’m still quite new to other than the canned routines …