Update Project?

Am having a problem updating projects originally created w/ 1.x to 2.0.5. When I open an old project, a dialog pops up:

I press [Update Project]. A copy of the file is created (I can see it in finder immediately), and an “Updating…” dialog pops up that reads:

There’s a progress bar in the dialog with the rolling blue barber pole effect… and that’s pretty much where it hangs. It never updates, never completes, just keeps rolling, stuck in some kind of loop. If I press the little red button to close the “Updating” dialog, the box closes, but the program is still running. If I then try to open the same project again, it’ll go through the same progression, make yet another backup copy (I have several now), and hang just like it did before.

The console message reads as follows:

4/10/11 1:05:48 PM Scrivener[8738] *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: value is not a reference as expected

Note: I didn’t have this problem with the previous release of Scrivener - I was able to update projects from 1.x to 2.0.4 - or whatever version I had before 2.0.5. This only started after I updated to 2.0.5.


This is a known issue, unfortunately. Because of the different archive formats used during 1.x’s lifetime, getting the update process to work with all possible 1x. projects has proved very difficult. I think I have it nailed for 2.0.6 though. Could you please zip up the project and send it to kb-tech-support@literatureandlatte.com so that I can test it and get it back to you in updated format, if it’s not too large? If it is too large, e-mail me anyway, and I can try to make a build available to your for testing.


Keith - let me tell you how impressed I am - a posted response to a bug report in less than an hour. LESS THAN AN HOUR! Apple/Microsoft (or any other company providing a product or service anywhere in the western world) are you listening to this??? Keith for president! Okay, enough.

Email is on its way, a relatively small project with a couple drafts of a short story I wrote. There are larger ones as well - don’t know if size makes a difference. I suppose I could reinstall the 2.0.x version I downloaded last November, run all my conversions, and then re-update to 2.0.5 - as a stop-gap anyway. Of course, if you get the problem licked, that’d be great too.

Thanks again. Great product, and unexcelled customer service.

David Phillips in Arizona

Hi David,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Project size shouldn’t be an issue - it’s entirely down to the version of Scrivener 1.x that was used to save the project (there were even differences between 1.53 and 1.54). I’m away from my development machine at the moment - it’s past 10pm here - but I will take a look at this tomorrow and get back to you before the end of the day.

Thanks again and all the best,

Hmm, afraid I’m not sure which version these projects were last saved to. Don’t really keep track of that kind of thing, although for the most part, when there’s an update, I’ll usually install it, so very possibly 1.54? Doubt that helps. Thanks for looking into this. Keep me posted.


Thanks for sending the project. I’ll be in touch very shortly with, I hope, a fix.
Thanks again,

Success - thanks Keith!

Hiya - curious what the timeline is for rolling the fix out. I have the same problem and am reverting back to 1.54 for the time being so that I can work on my older projects. Thanks!


Hi Kaypasa,

The 2.1 update should be out in the next month, but you can download the beta from here, as that already has a fix in it for the project updates.

Hi! It grieves me to bring this zombie of a thread back to life but…

I once again have the same problem: I can’t open any 1.x files. Neither can I seem to convert them to the current format. This is a huge problem.

I’m running OS X 10.9.5 (due to hw constraints) and Scrivener v 2.6. When I click the file icon, it prompts, “Update Project?” I click “Update Project” and it makes a backup copy that it also cannot open: “The document “…_backup.scriv” could not be opened. The project must be updated before it can be opened.”

I do not have copies of older versions of Scriv anymore so this is not an option unless there is a way to get an old copy.

From this page in the panel on the right, you can download version 1.54.

Thank you, Hugh. That solution is working very nicely! 8)