Update prompts to restart

So the updater prompts one to restart. Is this strictly necessary? I thought one didn’t need to restart after installing software on Windows anymore? Granted, I’m in Linux and the only time I really need to restart is if I’m switching kernel versions.

I’ve not seen this for a long time on any of the betas; the last time I did, there was a pending reboot for a Microsoft update that was waiting to happen. Are you sure that there isn’t some other update that’s happened to the system that set a restart flag that the updater is picking up?

I just ran the updater through Linux/Wine, and Windows native, and I didn’t get a restart prompt with either. So I’d agree with devinganger; could be a peculiarity of your setup that triggered an unnecessary prompt?

Weird. I’m using windows 7 compatibility by default. Next time there’s a beta update, I"ll switch to windows 10 and see what happens.

I got a restart prompt on install after changing my preferences. I’d killed the old version, installed RC10, and in the process of changing it to the way I wanted it, I was told Scrivener had to be restarted for some changes to be accomodated. This did not happen in RC9. It did happen in RC10. Normal version, 64-bit, win 10.

To clarify my comment, I was thinking of this in terms of rebooting the whole machine, not simply restarting the software. That is always necessary when performing an update to the software, for obvious reasons.

But as to restarting when changing certain preferences, yeah that’s a thing. They’ve done their best to minimise how many settings require that, but there are a few things where it is unavoidable (like UI changes such as icon size, which probably requires recaching everything). So if your saved prefs file has such settings in it, you’ll always get that restart message. I do, because I have logging enabled, which cannot be retroactively opened as it is an execution flag.