Update to 1.7.1

Okay, so the update from within the program (1.6.1) doesn’t work. Assuming I can ever get this thing downloaded (the download is hideously slow), are we supposed to install OVER the previous version, or uninstall the previous version and then install the new one? If the latter, how do we preserve our customizations?

Thanks for any help.

You can install 1.7.1 over your existing 1.6.1 installation if you wish, which will preserve your options and so forth. Do note though that there are some new features available from the format and main toolbars which won’t automatically display in this case, so you may want to go check out Tools > Customize Toolbars… The formatting preset button in the Format Bar is probably the one of most interest.

Thanks, Jennifer. Now, if I could just get the thing downloaded. I’ve tried twice - as I said, the download goes very slowly, and then it times out. Any suigestions?

Try downloading from here, and maybe use a different browser. If you’re using a downloads manager, try downloading via the browser instead.

That link worked great. Thanks again.

What all do we lose when installing over 1.6.1?
Is it worth doing a clean install and then resetting everything or do preferences cover this?


Jim Curts

Automatic update worked perfectly.

I closed and re-opened Scrivener 1.6.1 and was notified of an update; update processed as expected.

I’m on Win 8.1 (64). (I noticed that my original installation was /program files/scrivener, and that may be why I didn’t have to do a manual download).