Update to Dutch (Nederlands) dictionary

The downloaded Dutch (Nederlands-nl) dictionary is, according to the readme, from 2003. Since then there have been at least 2 formal updates to the spelling and use of hyphen rules. As a result the 2003 dictionary comes up with wrong suggestions.
LibreOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird do not show this problem.
a) can the Dutch dictionary L&L provide be updated
b) how do I download a suitable and updated dictionary from, for instance the 3 above, and replace the one in S3
Your help will be highly appreciated

On this site a recent dictionary ( © 2020 OpenTaal (Simon Brouwer, Sander van Geloven) ) can be downloaded. Copy the nl.dic and nl.aff files to the C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\hunspell\dict\Nederlands-nl - directory. Succes ermee!

Thanks, this works fine!