Update won't download

I’m trying to update Scrivener for Mac v2.8, both by clicking “Check for updates” in the Scrivener menu and by downloading it from t.co/4guwGmyNlT with the app closed. I’m using a MacBook Air running Sierra, and in the case of the web address, downloading it using Chrome.

The “Check for updates” version stops halfway through and says the update couldn’t be completed. The download stops after taking ages to download and leaves only a file called Unconfirmed 755314.crdownload (the number changes with each attempt).

What’s going wrong?

Try downloading from this L&L page : literatureandlatte.com/download_mac.php

Trying that, though I assume this is the same as the t.co page (which would normally open out into a web address, but doesn’t when it’s just a download link).

…and again, “Scrivener.dmg Failed - Network error”, same message as the last four.

However, this may be a Sierra problem rather than a Scrivener problem - I just tried to update HoudahSpot, the superb searching app, and got the same message.

Have you tried the classic remedy? Re-starting your Mac? :slight_smile:

…or as yer man in The It Crowd used to say “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” I had, yes.

It does seem to be a Sierra problem; the solution, provided by our friend Google’s lucky links, was to hold down opt while clicking on the download link.

Good news (sort of :slight_smile:); thanks for the tip.

Curious – were you updating/downloading OTA or through an ethernet dongle?