updated from version 3.1.4 to 3.1.5, can't open any of my docs

After updating from 3.1.4 to 3.1.5 on my Mac Air I am getting the following error when trying to open a document:

The document “*****.scriv” could not be opened.

After getting this error, I went to my iMac (not the machine I usually write on) and did not update, remaining on version 3.1.4. documents open with no issue.

Additional: I just tried creating a new story, getting similar error.
3.1.5 completely unusable for me. Anyone else having this problem? Seems weird there are few forum posts regarding 3.1.5 issues two days after release, if this is a major problem.

Did you install 3.1.5 using the auto-updater, or by downloading directly from our site?

Did you attempt to open projects via the Recent Projects menu, or directly from Finder?


I used the auto-updater. Same error whether opening inside Scrivener or using Finder.
However, issue is solved.
I went looking for a version of 3.1.4 and found the download page for multiple versions. Decided to do a complete reinstall of 3.1.5 and now I’m able to open my files.
In my defense, I’ve never had an update fail to work properly for any program or new OS since I moved to Macs twelve years ago.
I’d like to say that I panicked since it involved my writing…
Worried there was a major issue and wanted to warn others ASAP.
Anyhoo, all appears well.
So embarrassed.

Issues with the autoupdate are rare, but they do happen. Reinstalling is never a bad first guess.

Glad to hear you’re back on track.