Updated MathML version

Hey there!

I’m loving using Scrivener, but having some slight issues with entering MathML formulae. I think it is because you are currently using an older version of the MathML standard (can you confirm this, or is it just me!). If that is the case, please can you add updating the MathML support to version 3 (w3.org/TR/MathML3/) to the list.


Hi Ali,

Scrivener is built using the Qt C++ framework. For MathML, we used the QtMmlWidget which implements the Presentation Markup subset of the MathML 2.0 specification, with a few exceptions. See here:
doc.qt.digia.com/solutions/4/qtm … idget.html

This library was originally built by Qt Solutions; however, I have not seen any work around support for MathML 3.0. I’m not sure if Digia, the new owners of Qt, are working on anything. If you are aware of anything please let me know and I will look at upgrading the libraries.


Thanks Lee,

It appears (from my limited research) as if Qt have removed support for MML after version 4.3 (see this thread: qwt.sourceforge.net/) says “Qwt 6.0 might be usable in all environments where you find Qt. It is compatible with Qt >= 4.4.” However, it doesn’t appear to say which version of MathML is being used.

I’m not sure where that leaves things - could you clarify at some point!