Updated: My latest novel chapters have disappeared


I originally couldn’t find my writing project, which was quite extensive. The good news is that I found it!

Basically what happened is that I had unwitting created a second project binder in my original project binder. The original project still showed draft copies, whereas the second project had the revisions in it. The second project was named after a chapter, so, I didn’t find it right away. I thought it was a chapter.

It seems that the current files are all OK. I might just scrap the whole thing, and create a brand new project because I anticipate issues with compiling the novel for the publisher.

I see no one has commented on my issue, but I thought I would update this anyway.

Glad to see you got it sorted out. Before you do much else, I suggest you go to Tools-Options->Backup and increase the number of backups retained to higher than the default. Also have it add the date to the backup name. If you ever encounter something like this again, you can go back to your options and have it open your backups folder, and recover more recent copies of your entire project.