Updated & now I can't locate the customise meta data & formating functions.

I was opening a new project when Scrivener requested an update. Now I’m unable to locate some of the functions.

First, can’t find where to amend my meta data (such as author name, title etc). When I go to [Projects> Meta data settings] it’s just the labels and status menu.

Secondly, the drop down selector on the formatting toolbar that allows you to set text as header, sub-header, body etc is just gone. I’ve tried the toolbar options and it simply isn’t there.

Where have these functions gone and how can I get them back?

In the latest version (, when I go to Project > Meta-Data Settings, I get four tabs (Labels, Status, Custom Meta-Data, Project Properties). Title, authorname, etc. are under the Project Properties tab. If you aren’t seeing all the tabs, my naive guess would be that the update install wasn’t complete/successful. I believe the full installer is available at literatureandlatte.com/scri … taller.exe Sorry, I’ve lost track of whether there are other versions between those two still available. If the problem persists when using the full installers, most likely cause is a conflict with your antivirus software.

Likewise, in, I see the small dropdown selector for Heading, Sub-heading, Title, etc. as the first item in the formatting tool bar, ahead of the font style/type/size/etc. dropdown selectors. If missing, my guess would be the same as above.

Hope that is of some assistance. Worst case, you may want to directly contact tech support directly as discussed here literatureandlatte.com/suppo … tion-email