Updated to 3.2 and the slider bar is not visible

I just updated to version 3.2 today, and for some reason the slider bar is no longer visible :frowning: , I also lost the little icon which allowed me to split the screen :neutral_face: . I did notice the editor no longer fits the size of my screen :open_mouth: , so it’s mostly like the display is for a larger screen. Before the update everything worked fine. I’m on a 2017 13" macbook air using Catalina.

It’s really a little thing, but the slider was very useful when dealing with long chapters.

I hope there’s a solution to this.

If you minimize the window and then maximize it again, does it go back to the right size? And does the slider reappear?


No, even minimized there’s no slider, or the icons that are supposed to be on the right part of the editor screen.

Scrollbar behavior is configurable, in the Apple → System Preferences → General pane.

If that doesn’t help, could you send a screenshot, please?


Thanks, Katherine,

I tried the system settings, but as the problem was only in Scrivener, and only after updating to version 3.2.1 it really didn’t do anything.
The problem solved itself, not sure how. :confused: I re-started scrivener about three or four times, and the last was what did the trick. :confused: :confused: The side bar is working now, and the split screen icon is visible. I just have a few other bugs to deal with now. Will post a thread on those.