Updated to macOS 14 and Scrivener 3.3.2 and my new backups are 665 mb!

My project backups from yesterday are 292 mb. From today 665 mb and I updated one text file and deleted a few others. That’s it. Any ideas would be helpful.

Is this new backup perhaps not zipped ? (Assuming the previous one was.)
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Update: my .scriv folder is now 1.09 gb!!

No, they are zipped.

Check where the backup goes. Perhaps you’ve found a way to backup your previous backups with each backup.
Technically, you should get a warning against a backup ending up in the project folder (iirc) or a complete restriction “no can’t do”. But perhaps something is off.

My scrivener files are all on dropbox. The Backups are there, and the files are all zipped. I found about a dozen recovered files and went thru them. The file in the binder was not the most recent. I found the most recent by the character counts and doing compares. I deleted all that and now my backups are 329 mb, up from yesterday’s 292 mb, but I’ll take it.