Updated to Snow Leopard, then my Scriv content is scrambled

Greetings! I’m a big fan of Scrivener, having written my last book using it. Some weeks ago I began playing with the screenplay format and had gotten a good number of pages written. All well and good. I backed up the project each time I worked on it.

A week ago, I upgraded to Snow Leopard and haven’t had any problems. But tonight for the first time I opened Scrivener and my project. The files seem to be all listed there, but on opening them, there was just gibberish (weird symbols–not bad writing!).

I checked my backed up files and the content there too was gibberish.

I found that Scrivener had an update, and I installed that–restarted the iMac, but still gibberish.

I decided to copy a section of the gibberish to include in this post, but when I pasted it in, the original text came in correctly!

So I went back to the Scrivener files, and highlighted the text in each file and changed the font–voila, the text reappeared correctly.

I’m wondering if something was changed in the fonts in the Scrivener update, or if the Snow Leopard did something to the fonts. I had originally used Times New Roman 12 pt., and when I selected and changed fonts, I selected that again and it corrected the text.

Very odd–and a little terrifying. I thought I would share this with you in case anyone else had a similar issue. The solution is apparently to highlight the text and change the font.

Thanks very much! I really enjoy using Scrivener.

All best,
Peter Wallace

SL has caused issues with fonts for a couple if users. It sounds like you have found a new demonstration of the problem.


This is a known issue with Snow Leopard - when updating, it can corrupt certain fonts. You possibly haven’t seen it in other apps yet because Courier isn’t used in many places, but I’ve seen it reported in applications across the board. See these threads:



The latter provides the solution (thanks to Tarkine).

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks very much, Keith and all.