Updated to v2.5, now formatting gone.

I updated scrivener to v2.5 and now I can’t get my book to compile with centre formatting, everything is aligned left even though I’m using my saved settings for the book.

Its a while since I updated last so perhaps the way layout is set-up has changed.

Anyone else found this?

Also, my title page has some lines left aligned aven though all the lines should be centred and are left as is by the compiler.

Suddenly the formatting is all messed up since upgrading.

Aaaaaah!!! :open_mouth:

OK, Fortunately I still had my previous version 2.4.1 in the trash, so I removed version 2.5 and went back to version 2.4.1 and bingo, it formats correctly again. Phew. That was worrying.

Something up with v2.5. Will have to stick with version 2.4 until this is sorted.