updates do not remove previous entries in SETTINGS-APPs

I currently have 6 entries for Scrivener in the SETTINGS -APPS list. Each has the size and date listed.

Uninstalling one results in the other items being still listed, and disabled from uninstalling.

Using the updater also does not delete the previous installation info.

Version 1.9 had been on both comps.

Attached: from two comps
scriv apps 2nd comp.PNG
scriv apps main.PNG

Do get this problem when running the built-in updater, or when downloading the full installer and running it right over an existing installation? I’ve seen it happen with the latter, but not so much (or at all) with the former. Just wondering given the wording.

I happens with both of those methods. For Windows 10 users, you can get rid of the old versions using the Control Panel Add & Remove Programs. The Windows 10 GUI method doesn’t seem able to do that, while the old Control Panel method actually removes the old version entries from the registry UnInstall keys.

Having just run into this, Beta 23 installer left B19, B22, as well as a prior B23 installation “in situ,” and installed itself without removing them.

The prior B23 installation was done via the internal update, and the second one was done via “external” update. On the one hand, this is helpful, because I might want a prior version around in case the new one breaks stuff; on the other hand, I’m doubting this is desired behavior for most users.

The problem is, I don’t think it’s leaving the full installs behind – it’s just not cleaning up the traces properly.

That seems to be what’s been happening on my PC. So, with Beta 21 (I think it was), I uninstalled Scrivener, used CCleaner to scrub the registry and then downloaded and installed the most recent beta. For that last 2-3 betas I have been able to use the “update” feature without creating duplicate entries.