Updates not installing - to

When I start Scrivener, I get a message about an update. I click install update and it goes through the process and says it installed correctly, but when I reopen Scrivener, I’m still on and after a while I get the update message again. I don’t get any errors during the update process.

I’m on Windows 7 Home 64.

This sounds like you may have two copies of Scrivener installed on your machine, or that the installation folder was moved at some point after it had been installed, so that the automatic update is installing to a different location than where you’re running Scrivener from. I’d try closing Scrivener and then checking your Programs list in the Windows Control Panel and uninstalling all copies of Scrivener found there, maybe also doing a search for “scrivener.exe” in case you have it lying around somewhere unlisted. Once you’ve removed all that, download the full 1.6.1 installer from literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php and install it and you should be all set.

Uninstalling will not affect your existing projects, which are saved externally to the program (in your Documents folder by default, though you may have chosen another location when creating the project). You can also save your program settings before uninstalling by going to Tools > Options… and choosing “Save Preferences” from the Manage menu button. After the uninstall/reinstall process, just return there to load the saved preference file.

Hi. I have the same problem but can’t rectify as it won’t uninstall. It goes through all the processes of uninstalling and claims to have done so but remains on the pc.

First, be sure you’re running the uninstall program directly from the Scrivener installation folder rather than using the Windows Programs & Features tool. When you run the uninstaller, do you get any error messages? If so, posting a screen shot of the message might help sort out the problem. If not, and it runs all the way through, is there any change at all to the files in the installation folder? In some cases you might still have a few folders left, for instance if you had downloaded an additional dictionary language or if Scrivener had generated a crash report at some point. The uninstaller won’t remove files that weren’t put there by the installer, so these extras would stick around. It would be safe to delete the remaining files in that case.