Updates to projects made on W8 not viewable on W7 machines

Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone was having this issue, or if this is a known bug.

I have been using Scrivener in tandem with Google Drive on different Windows 7 machines for maybe 4-5 months now without issue. Syncing and viewing changes made has always been flawless.

I’ve recently purchased a laptop that is running Windows 8, and installed the trial version of Scrivener to test it. It worked without a hitch with the exception of saving and syncing changes made on my other W7 machines. I noticed that any changes I made on my W8 laptop were not viewable when I synced the file on my W7 machines however the opposite doesn’t seem to be true, any changes made on W7 devices were synced without problem to the W8 laptop.

Has anyone else encountered this? Or is anyone working between the 2 versions of Windows without issue?

Google Drive sounds like the culprit here; a lot of people have reported various sync problems where it simply doesn’t correctly sync all files in the project or reverts to older copies or so on. You may want to try a different service like Dropbox, which a lot of people have used successfully with Scrivener projects, or instead of keeping your project in Google Drive, instead keep it local but save your zipped backups to Google Drive. Then each time you get to work, copy the latest version from Google Drive to replace your local copy, so you’ll be sure to always be starting with the most recent copy. By keeping just zipped copies of the project in Google Drive, you’ll get a much cleaner sync (since it will be a single file vs. multiple files and folders all needing to be pushed and pulled from the cloud).

Thanks so much for the suggestion, I’ll investigate further with Dropbox instead of Gdrive and see if I have the same issues! :slight_smile:

If you are thinking of putting your active project on any cloud-based service, do have a scan through


It’s a long thread, and it’s in the Mac area of the forums purely and simply because people were having issues when putting their active projects on Dropbox beginning quite some time before the Windows version of Scrivener came out. Also the fundamental caveats are valid for all cloud-based storage systems, though it seems Google-drive creates other problems.

I guess the salient information is repeated in the manual and in the FAQ site, though.



Yeah, honestly I think that thread is probably more confusing and alarmist than helpful at this point for someone just jumping in, but I haven’t read it in a while so it may not be so bad. All the relevant material should be covered in this knowledge base article and in the Scrivener Everywhere section of the user manual (available as a PDF from the Help menu).

Hey again, I just wanted to confirm that unfortunately this issue is persistent even when using Dropbox to sync project updates between my W7 desktop and W8 laptop instead of Google drive. :frowning:

Not sure if this could be a factor, but I have a fully licensed version on my desktop and only the trial version on my laptop installed.