Updating both panes in split screen together?

Hi all,

Very new user here, and very sorry if this is a silly question that’s already been answered - I’ve done the tutorial and had a good search through the posts but haven’t found quite what I’m after.

I’m working in split screen with the editor in one screen and the corkboard in the other. What I’d like to be able to do is to click on a element (e.g. a chapter) in the binder and have both the editor and the corkboard update in sync - so the editor now shows the chapter text in its entirety and the corkboard shows all the index cards for that chapter.

Currently only one of the panes of the split screen changes - so the editor updates and the corkboard’s focus remains with the previously selected element in the binder, or vice versa. I have to manually re-focus the other panel and I sometimes get confused because of this.

The layout I’m after is basically the binder on the left, the editor as the main pane showing the selected element (chapter)’s text, the corkboard to its right (showing all the index cards associated with the element - e.g. scenes and ideas for that chapter) and then the inspector opening to the far right. And then both the editor and the corkboard (and inspector) updating together when a different element (chapter) is selected in the binder.

I’d be ever so grateful for any help in how to do this if it’s possible. Thank you!

This is something that will be made possible in a future version for both platforms. It may be a while yet though, so don’t check for it in any minor updates coming up. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Good to know that at least it isn’t me being stupid and missing something! :smiley: