Updating from Scriv. 1.54


I have finally purchased the newest Scrivener, yay! My first draft of my novel is sitting in Scrivener, in my current version (1.54). My question: there is very helpful advice on how to install Scrivener for those who do not have the software yet, but I am wondering about how do I update?

When I go to move the new Scrivener into my Applications folder, the question box pops up telling me that there is already this program in that folder (Scriv. 1.54, I presume), and do I want to replace it with the new application (ie Scriv. 2). So do I click yes? Or no? If I click yes, is my old project wiped out?
Please help me through this process - I have Time Machine and the novel is backed up there, plus I have put a backup zip file on a flash drive. But still, I want to do this right without too much pain.


PS I sent this question to the support people a week or so and have not rec’d a reply - maybe I missed it? Anyway I am trying here now.

Yes, you want to tell your compute to replace scrivener. Your projects will remain where they are, untouched. However, you should make note of where all the .scriv files are, because version 2 of Scrivener may not inherit the list of projects in the “Recent Items” list. It’s good to know where they are anyway.

When you’re done, I’d suggest opening every scrivener project you have; it will create a backup version (the 1.54 project version) and then copy & upgrade that to a project that is compatible with Scrivener 2. Once you have all those backups, make a folder and store them there for safe-keeping, and enjoy Scrivener 2. It’s awesome. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Robert! I will cross my fingers, say a prayer, and do as you suggest. (can you tell I’m a little nervous?). But I am SO looking forward to the new Scrivener…


As a rule, upgrading a program will delete the original program, but never touch the files created with it. Like with iTunes, you never have to worry that an upgrade to the program will erase your music.

Update was successful! Yipee! Now, to learn all the new features - it will be great, I can tell already. Just starting the process of transferring my WIP into the new format (ie into a novel template). It’s going to be great!!

Thanks again for all the help!