Updating from Scrivener 2.4.1 to 2.5

Am Using MAC version 10.9. I attempted to update from Scrivener (2.4.1) (Icon: black and white S with a single quote in the top and bottom) to Scrivener (2.5) (Icon: white paper with pencil/ruler/paintbrush) as Scrivener (2.4.1) indicated ‘Check for Updates…’. and 2.5 was available.

The new icon appeared on the dock, but doesn’t function. The Scrivener (2.5) icon within the applications folder is greyed-out; the Scrivener version 2.4.1 continues to work just fine as before.

There is no Scrivener.dmg type of icon on my computer which may have indicated the new software downloaded, but a large download was processed.

When I use the ‘check for updates…’ under the SCRIVENER drop down, it assures me I have the 2…5 version loaded. As i said, the icon is greyed out in the applications folder and doesn’t come up.

No crisis. Give me a hand here.

You can safely delete the one with the pen and paper icon. That’s not a Scrivener icon, that’s just the Mac’s default application icon. You’ll only see it on programs that never had an icon developed to begin with, or more commonly on programs that are corrupted. It sounds like the other copy you have installed is running just fine though, and actually is 2.5. You can always double-check that by looking at the version in the Scrivener/About box.

That’s correct, when you use the built-in updater there will be no DMG. It downloads a compressed copy of the software to a temporary folder you can’t see, and updates it from that. If you want to store DMGs for archival purposes, you should download from the main website when upgrading, instead of using the built-in updater.