Updating linked images

Is there a way to update an image (linked one) without closing the document and reloading it?

That’s the way to do it. We’ll be adding a tool to reselect the image which will kind of achieve this effect, but for the most part this isn’t a common issue so using cached images is good enough and far more efficient.

In my workflow, i have to do this permanently. Text and image is a unit, so I have to change the images often. After saving a changed image from Photoshop, I would like to see the updated image in Scrivener. To close the document and reload it, isn’t the nicest imaginable workflow :slight_smile:
A command, that updates the linked images would be great.

fully agree (need for a “refresh” linked images)

i have a book with tons of inline images and in this Scrivener is lacking some friendness!

As noted above, we’ll be adding a way to do this. :slight_smile:

Amber: I think there are two possible questions here:

  1. I want to reselect an image but preserve the internal links. = UPDATE existing document.
  2. I want to refresh the document to pick up changes made in an external editor. = FLUSH cache

I read your reply to seem to suggest that (1) is being worked on (great for me as this is a major issue for my Scrivener use). But at least a couple of people here are referring to (2). I wonder if some users are mistaking closing the “document” with closing the “project”?

There isn’t a manual way of forcing a refresh to many images, but an easy way to refresh an image that has been edited, as well as an easier way to directly edit through the link. So where in the past one would have to reopen the project, you can now work with images and keep the cached version up to date in the editor if you wish.

It of course doesn’t matter to the output, when you compile Scrivener never uses the cached versions, so it’s only a matter of whether you need/want to see the update right then and there.