Updating meta-data simultaneously for xx-records?

I am using Scrivener for MAC, no problem. Now since I have started using Aeon-timeline I realize that I sometimes need to change the content of the meta-data: ‘Start’. since I may have umpteen that vill take same new input value, I have selected those in the binder, but I cannot enter the new common value in the ‘start’ field. (well I can but it will only affect ONE record)
Is there a way to fix it? Do it?
It will be in the area of 10-30 records every time.

kind regards
Palle GreyT

Does Aeon Timeline not have a feature for moving multiple start points at once? Since that is the program using those fields for itself, it would seem to me better to use it to change them rather than modifying them in Scrivener.

Well, I have found out that I can select ‘all’ once they are in Aeon and then enter the correct date, this will move all selected entries to the date I typed in/ selected from calendar in Aeon :smiley: