Updating .mobi book at Amazon

After uploading a book as a .mobi file to Amazon KDP I want to update it. If I read the Amazon guidance to this it tells me to download the zip file from my account, open it, open the HTML file, edit it, re-zip the folder containing this file and all the images and then upload that zip file back to my account.
However, I would for obvious reasons rather just upload an updated .mobi file. So - is the .mobi file the same as what Amazon describe as the .zip file? Should I be able to just upload an updated .mobi version into my account, or do I have to somehow create a zipped folder for this? I’m confused!
(I’m asking this because I’m having difficulty getting Amazon to upload a revised .mobi file, though I have no idea if that is in itself the problem).Thanks.

No that doesn’t quite sound like a procedure that would accept a .mobi file as a revision, I’m sure they have their reasons for using this workflow rather than one that lets you upload a new e-book file, but I sure can’t fathom what they might be.

Worst advice, ever.

Anyway, I would contact their technical support team as they appear to have a pretty serious gap in the revision workflow. If they accept ePub files for upload initially, they should accept them for revisions, too. Maybe there is a way, but the instructions are very clear about this being the way to do it, and the procedure they have laid forth, including their endorsement of using Word to edit HTML files, is practically guaranteed to reduce the typesetting quality of the book if it started out as a highly tuned ePub file. Weird.

You’re right - their process is a nightmare that will end in tears. I will contact them and report back.

Actually, there’s something stranger than that going on.
If you download the book as advised from the Amazon KDP site you just get a .mobi file.
I renamed this as a .zip file and double clicked it. This then gave me a file that ended in .cpgz
The Mac recognises this as an Archive file and unarchived it - giving me another .zip file of the same name (incrementaly numbered).
But unarchiving this just gives me another .cpgz file. And so on, with nothing useful arriving out of the process.
Back to the start.

I’ve seen that bug before in some zip files (.epubs will do that to me), and the solution is to use the UNIX unzip tool. Just load up Terminal and use unzip filename.mobi. You don’t even need to change the extension.

However on that note, .mobi files are not .zip files in disguise like .epub files are. They do use compression, but its some other algorithm and its compressed data inside a binary casing anyway, not something where you could decompress the entire file and end up with an archive of material.

The only way I know of to edit a .mobi file on a Mac is to use Calibre to convert it to something else like .epub then back again.

Just to clarify - it turns out that you can actually just upload a fresh .mobi file and the system handles it fine. Not sure why they give such a complicated method in support, but it’s all going swimmingly now.

Thanks for the update, that’s good to hear. They really need to improve that sections of the help site.