Updating multiple index cards simultaneously

Here’s a suggestion…

One of the behaviors I expect isn’t happening. When I select more than one index card at a time, I’d like to be able to update the “Revised” and the “Status” of all of them at once, instead if I make a change, only the first card is updated and then I have to do it individually for the rest of them. Not a huge issue, but in chapters with multiple sections, I’ve found myself updating all the sections at once, and would like to be able to quickly update the status of them en masse.

Otherwise, this program has sped up the editing of a novel I’ve had just sitting in Word, Google Docs, TextEdit, you name it… I’ve tried it. Scrivener is the only editor I’ve found so far that allows me to follow a process that I define and it’s allowed me to make progress!!

You should be able to update them all at once via the contextual menu that comes up when you right click or ctrl click.

I think that works in the corkboard - it definitely does in the binder.

Yep, it works via right-click/command-click options. Thanks! I was highlighting them all and then making a change via the Inspector which only updated the one.


Glad Scrivener is helping you get things done faster - thanks for the kind words.

Thanks to Matt for pointing you in the right direction. The main thing to remember is that the inspector only shows information for the current document, so to make changes to multiple documents you need to select them and use commands in the menus.

Thanks and all the best,