Updating problem - split from *** BUG REPORTING

Bug when converting 1.x files.

(with scrivener open or not) double click on a 1.x scrivener file. It’ll open a modal dialogue that asks you if you want to update. Click “Update Project”. A “Updating project…” modal dialog with a barber pole appears and then immediately moves behind the “Update Project?” dialog with “update” and “cancel” buttons which should have gone away, but hasn’t. You can move that away to see the barber pole behind it.

Click “Update Project”… again. The “Update Project?” Dialogue will go away (as it should) and a new (second) “Updating project…” dialog will appear. Both say “Backing up original project” in the bottom of the dialog.

It creates 2 backup files. one with the original name appended with Backup and a Backup-1 file. The original file never gets updated. And the 2 “Updating project…” modal dialogs never go away.

Screenshot here

a 2nd Related Bug…
Open Scrivener. Tell it to open the file that gave me the headaches above. The same “Updating Project…” dialog opens (only one this time) and proceeds to just sit there spinning the barberpole. I’m pretty sure that making a backup should take milliseconds not minutes… or hours.


Please start new topics for bugs rather than replying to the “Please read…” post, thanks.

Could you please try downloading this version:


It sounds as though an error is getting thrown in the background during the update - which can cause such weird behaviour - and the 2.0.55 beta downloadable from the above thread has fixed another issue with this. Let me know if not though.

Thanks and all the best,

sorry, didn’t see the reply, but I have figured out what the bug is.

If you’ve checked the subversion/cvs compatibility checkbox in the preferences the update fails. Uncheck it, and then try updating with the current release and it works fine.

The version you asked me to download does appear to fix the problem. I took the backup I’d made, rechecked the subversion/cvs compatibility box, applied the changes, clicked ok. command s. quit. dragged it onto the icon for the version you had me download and the update was successful.

Thanks. :slight_smile: