Updating project list in Binder

Yesterday I exuberantly pulled every Scrivener project I had into the Dropbox folder for iOS. Soon after that I realised just how much junk I had built up over the years, e.g. Backup versions, fail safe variants and abandoned versions. Plus a load of projects that never got off the ground. So to start housekeeping I removed all the stuff I didn’t want to see from the Dropbox folder to make a more manageable list in Scrivener.
But Scrivener is still listing all the projects it found first time around. I’m not even sure it is syncing at all. When I do a sync it says ‘Downloading file list’ and spins for ages. It doesn’t seem to actually get any changes.
I have reset Clear Dropbox Sync Cache

You could try un-linking iOS Scrivener from Dropbox and then reconnecting.
Or create a new folder for Active Projects in your Scrivener Dropbox folder on your desktop, and then point your iOS Scrivener to that folder instead.

In project view choose Edit and then tap the settings gear wheel at the bottom. Then you can access Dropbox settings.

Doing something in the Dropbox app on your iDevice doesn’t affect Scrivener. iApps don’t talk to each other.

Hi there.

I did a lot of testing around this stuff in beta. There are some cases where iOS Scrivener will think a project hasn’t been deleted, when in fact it has.

First, look at the Dropbox folder either in the iOS Dropbox app or on your desktop machine. Are those projects in fact gone? Or have their ghosts returned?

If they’re still gone from Dropbox (and you’re sure your Mac/Windows machine’s Dropbox is up-to-date), just go ahead in the iOS Scrivener app and tap “Edit” on the Projects screen, delete the projects that you want deleted, and do another sync. Don’t sync until you’ve manually deleted from iOS Scrivener. After that, things should be cleared up.

If those projects have returned, it may be because what I call “ghost changes” – if you even open the project on iOS to LOOK at it, it changes a file in the project – snuck in. Take a look at how large those projects are on Dropbox-- I’m betting they’re tiny – just a mobile settings file, really. If that’s the case, again, it’s safe to do what I suggested above – just delete them manually from iOS Scrivener, and then do a sync.

Regarding clearing the sync cache – I had to do the “Clear Dropbox sync cache” many a time in beta testing. :slight_smile: After you do that, you have to remove iOS Scrivener from memory. In case you don’t know how to do that –

  1. double click the Home button to get the gallery of apps that are in memory.
  2. Slide Scrivener up so that it leaves the gallery.

Now, restart scrivener, and do a sync. It will take longer than usual, but it should work to get your iOS Scrivener and your Dropbox in a consistent state.

Thanks for the above, very helpful, am just about to work through some of it!