Updating Scrivener: Admin profile problem

I’m running and would like to update to When I try to update, I get the “Administrative rights required - you must run Scrivener from the same account that installed it” message.

However, I use Scrivener on a user profile separate from my Admin user profile on my laptop. When I try to run Scrivener with Admin permissions, it acts as though it’s my first installation - there’s no sign of my existing Scrivener projects. I’m worried about finishing the update process in case my projects are overwritten. Can anyone help?

When you log on as administrator, you will have a separate “recent projects” list than your non-admin user account does. This recent projects list is just a convenience feature anyway; it doesn’t mean that the Scrivener program stores projects inside itself. Just like any Word document, Scrivener projects exist wherever you initially saved them; most likely in your Documents folder.

So don’t worry about a program update destroying your projects, but do keep up with where you save your projects; the recent projects list isn’t infinite, so if you create more projects than the list is configured to keep up with, you’ll have to go find the project using the windows file browser.

As Robert says, the program will use the current account’s registry settings and default file paths, so if you “Run As…” a different user, you’ll see that user’s stuff rather than your usual account’s. This goes not just for the Recent Project list but things like which user’s “Documents” folder is the default for saving/opening projects or where templates and compile settings are saved (the current user’s AppData folder).

You can run Scrivener as an admin to install the update to a location that requires administrator privileges, then quit and launch it as normal from your standard account and you’ll be back to seeing your files and settings.

Thank you for your helpful replies. I crossed my fingers and Scrivener updated correctly, leaving my work intact. :slight_smile: