Updating Scrivener

I have Mac Scrivener 3.0.2. Menu item “Scrivener -> Check for Updates…” is grayed out, so I can’t select it. Is this a bug?

The Mac app store is not showing me an option to upgrade Scrivener either. Should I download Scrivener from scratch and enter my license again?

I’m not sure why “Check for Updates” would be greyed out - this is handled by our third-party updater, Sparkle. But you can just re-download from our site and reinstall - you won’t need to re-enter your registration details.

All the best,

Thanks Keith.

For what it’s worth…
Closing and reopening Scrivener didn’t help. However, I work on 2 laptops, and Scrivener is installed on both. I noticed Scrivener was open on the other laptop. After I updated Scrivener there, I closed both Scriveners. After restarting Scrivener on the first laptop, I had the option to check for updates.