Updating Search Indexes

iOS, iPhone 6
Scrivener working well since installation on the date of release. After working well for most of today, the app now repeatedly spins in an “updating search indexes” loop immediately after selecting my project. I have closed and reopened the app, several times, shut down my phone and turned back on. There are no updates available. Any suggestions?

If you have Scrivener for Mac, I would try opening the project from your desktop.


Thank you GR for the quick reply-
I have opened Scrivener on my mac. All changes from iOS appear in my project.
When opening the iOS app:

  1. Request to sync to Dropbox. Successful sync, confirmed on laptop.
  2. “Updated Search Indexes” also confirmed on laptop.
  3. List of projects appea on iPhone screen.
  4. Selected my current project - the one referred to in previous message, and at beginning of this message.
  5. iOS continues spinning after closing and reopening app. with message “Updating search indexes”


Can you please zip up and send the project to us at ios.support AT literatureandlatte.com? It sounds as though an error is getting thrown while Scrivener tries to update the search indexes in this project, so I’ll need to see it myself to find the problem. You can zip and send it right from inside the app by hitting “Edit” in the projects list, selecting the project, tapping the “share” button in the footer and then choosing to email it to us.


All the best,

I’m not seeing the unbreakable loop but I do see this indexing take longer and longer as material is added to my project. Virgin project this step is hardly noticeable but for active projects this phase can last minutes. There seems to be no purpose to the step either as when I use the search feature it never finds anything. The app runs this step every time I open projects.

One active project has some 200+ documents/chapters in the Manuscript folder and 130+ in Research (mostly documents from pre-Scrivener iOS stopgap apps and a few PDFs of estate agent brochures—location location location), 100 documents/folders in the Character folder (for main characters with filled in profiles using my own character template with five large-ish JPEGs of touch-stone actors for the roles). Trash has 10 documents that originated from spurious Conflict resolutions. Templates folder has the two default Sketchs plus my own Character Template (with 40 constituent documents/folders). Front Matter folder has only the defaults. The .scriv file is shown by Finder to occupy 15.3MB in the Dropbox folder.

Another project (which happens to be my writer’s journal) has 212 documents in its main folder (renamed Draft from the project was created from the Blank template on a Mac). There are two JPEGs (embedded on one document, which has no text in it). Research folder contains exactly one document that has one URL in it. The .scriv file (in the Mac Dropbox folder) is 123.7MB.