Updating templates versions 1 to 2

I just updated to v. 2.2 from 1.54. Of course, all the fonts and other formatting have changed. How do you update the template of an old project with new formatting (so all files it contains are updated)?

Well you don’t have to use the new formatting. If you prefer the older Optima look it’s fine to continue on with that. You would then change your preferences in the Formatting tab to match the old look. But if you do want to update your templates, you’ll find the old ones in the Miscellaneous tab of the new template chooser. Just make a temporary project for each one you wish to update, and go through them with Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style to update formatting. If any of your templates were in part their compile settings, you’ll also want to go through the compile dialogue as those setting will not carry over. Finally, use File/Save as Template..., give it a new name and file it into the category of your choosing. Once you’ve done that, you can delete the temporary project and the old 1.x template from Misc. if you want.

This may be a painfully obvious question, but when I set new formatting, it applies to new documents. All the old ones remain in the arbitrarily-selected formatting from the import/upgrade. How can I apply new formatting to the entire project?

Go through the project with the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command to update formatting. Multiple document selections are allowed, so you can fix the whole project at once.