Updating to Multimarkdown 6 in Scrivener 3 for Latex workflow

Is there a concise list of issues when updating to MMD 6 ( v6.3.2) in Scrivener 3.02?

Here is a list of issues / processes I discovered that seem partially documented and scattered around git and different forum posts:

Compile format settings;
Eventually I found the Edit Format settings in Compile… and the Latex Options: Then I could turn of the default memoir (book) includes appearing in the output.

Metadata Keys to include Latex headers / footers etc.
Using metadata keys to include: latex headers, footers and begin
The key latex input: has changed in MMD 6 to:

latex leader: latex begin: latex footer:
I found it inconsistent as to what would take precendence between using meta-data files and using the meta-data pane to set keys in the compile format settings. Also, I couldn’t seem to use latex leader as a key more than once or combine multiple includes into one key. Seems like you can’t according to the Quick Start Guide here: https://github.com/fletcher/MultiMarkdown-6/blob/master/QuickStart/QuickStart.txt#L296
Also noted here:

I think a document / blog post detailing the changes to the scrivener 3-> mmd 6 -> latex could helpfully collect this together.

Here;s some helpful links I’ve found:

When I got things building with my custom ‘leaders’, ‘begin’ and ‘footer’ includes, I ran into the small changes to MMD that affected my output:

HTML comments
Changes to how html comments to included raw latex. There is a new ‘back-tick’ syntax.

 <!-- \begin -->



https://github.com/fletcher/MultiMarkdown-6/issues/38 details some ideas around the changes, but I can’t seem to find final documentation anywhere EDIT: Quickstart guide: https://github.com/fletcher/MultiMarkdown-6/blob/master/QuickStart/QuickStart.txt#L296

Strange escaping of slashes in metadata:

BibTex: ../../Bibliography/Master


\def\bibliocommand{\bibliography{..\slash ..\slash Bibliography\slash Master}}

I couldn’t fix these issues so had a heady time building MMD 4.5.3 to downgrade MMD 6 so I could get my essay (due in two days) to build as it had done before. I knew I shouldn’t have fiddled at this stage of my work, but I couldn’t help myself.

Edit: I tried again and have now got an old Srivener 2 project to compile with MMD 6 and Scrivener 3.

When I have more time and no deadlines, I’ll try the workflows AmberV suggests and also look at PanDoc.

Kind regards, Ian

Thanks for collecting these tips together! Hopefully some of this won’t be an issue for much longer, as the next maintenance update for Scrivener will be updated for MMD6, and come with the latest version bundled within it. Of course some of this is just adjusting how we use MMD itself in the editor and our settings, too.

Scrivener 3.0.3 now has native support for MMD6. Some of the tips above will still be useful for those converting older projects, such as how raw code insertion is handled and such, since Scrivener itself does not handle that.