Uper and lower case


Maybe this post should be in the “Wish topics list”.

The Mac OS have in its native commands a function to manage the case
right click on the word (or more than one), then choose “transformation” and the case
(see the screen shot made in Mail, it’s in french but there is the same in all Mac OS languages)

This Mac OS command is faster to use than the Scrivener command which has no shortcut key, and it’s not present in the right click functions; it should be
Capture d’écran 2015-10-28 à 20.55.55.pdf (121 KB)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.42.05_SMALL.png

I have title case bound to ⌃⌘T — you use the system keyboard bindings and you can map any program’s menu to a custom key, note I also have my Scrivener layouts (mini, midi, maxi) and most used formatting presets (block quotes, figure legends and normal paragraphs) all bound to keys, and several other little bits.

Scrivener’s context menu is already very full, though I can imagine you could move Start/Stop speaking and the capitalisation options into Writing tools (which isn’t really anything to do with writing I think, rename it to “tools”).

That looks a good way to have the result I expect.