Upgrade blues

I have purchased in the past a license for a version compatible with Snow Leopard/Leopard. I’m trying to upgrade to that version on a new machine and being told that my password and serial # don’t work. Can you please help?

Check the first few characters of the serial number. If it begins “scriven…”, then you have a serial number for version 1.x; if it begins “SCRVNR”, then you have a serial number for 2.x. If you download from our main product page, you will get Scrivener 2.0 - entering a serial number for 1.x into Scrivener 2.0 won’t work. Instead, you should download 1.54 from the blue bar on the side of this page:

literatureandlatte.com/scriv … w=features

Or you can update to 2.0 for $25, of course. :slight_smile: (2.0 works on Snow Leopard and Leopard too, and has a great many improvements.)

If you already have a 2.0 licence, or have further problems with the serial number, drop David a line on sales At literatureandlatte DOT com and he can look up your details.

Hope that helps.

All the best,