Upgrade from 1.9 to 3.0?

Hi all

Probably a stupid question, but I have a license for version 1.9 and I’m curious what is entailed in upgrading to 3.0? I see how I can download 3.0, but I can’t seem to find a place to upgrade TO it. Also curious how much it will cost for the upgrade.

It’s supposed to be a free upgrade to 3.0 now that it’s released. From what was explained to me in an email, my license key is supposed to work with the 3.0 version. However, this is not the case, which is highly upsetting. I’m sending in a ticket and waiting for a response.

EDIT: I tried it again just on the off chance it was something on my end. It worked. When you install the 3.0 version, the button was there before for me but there is a “Upgrade from an older version” text you can click on. After it “Checks for Existing Licenses”, a window will pop up for you to enter you registered email address and the license key of your 1.9 version. Click the “Check for Discount” button and popup should say “You qualify for a free upgrade!” followed by it saying a 100% discount coupon will be applied…etc. Click the “Get Coupon” button then click the “Buy Now” button (It should say “Free” beneath this button and under that should be the generated coupon code for your license). A new window will open and you enter the email address you want the license to be registered to then click “Continue”. Enter zipcode in the next window, And on the final window, click “Complete checkout”. An “Activation Successful” will appear once the upgrade has gone through.

Hope this helps.

That helped immensely, thank you!

Apparently I don’t qualify for a 100% discount though. Not sure what the difference is. Looks like I need to spend $25 to upgrade.

It’s not a free upgrade unless you bought Scrivener 1 after Nov 20, 2017. If you bought before that, it’s a 49% discount or something like that.

It’s not a free upgrade unless you bought Scrivener 1 after Nov 20, 2017.

$25 though. Bargain.

Ah, yeah that’s the difference. I bought my copy back in 2014.

No problem paying the $25 to upgrade though!

THANK YOU SAMILILY!!! You saved me heartache. It worked. Yes, for some of us it is supposed to be a free upgrade and Literature and Latte made good on their word and I appreciate that immensely. I just wish communication about how to transition would have been provided. Again, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to post the directions. Bless your cotton socks! :smiley:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … or-updates

literatureandlatte.com/intr … or-windows

literatureandlatte.com/upgr … or-windows

A big thank you to SamililyAnn.

Many users have been using the beta version of 3.0 and were probably just going to the beta version forum to download the new one when the old one ran out. There were no instructions on how we needed to input our licence and a lot of other software often takes old licence keys where free upgrades are on offer. There is no hint on the registration UI that a 100% discount is a thing that users who qualify get - the link “upgrade now” you use may as well be a “buy now for $77” button because that’s how the interface reads.

I’m sure we’d all have found the page describing the update procedure eventually but it would be nice perhaps if they put a link on the 3.0 release announcement post in the beta forums for it.

If users have been using the beta, then they know where the beta forums are (since one had to go there to download the new beta versions) and presumably would have seen one of the several dozen threads asking about the upgrade policy.

Installing the release allows you to install in 30-day trial mode. Unless one was experiencing an error that shortened that 30 day period, there was ample time to go and read the release announcements and find the process.

We are writers. We are supposed to be able to do some level of research ourselves. Do we all expect librarians and assistants to do every bit of our research for us???

Someone who has been using the beta goes to the forums to download the new beta since their program is telling them it expired yesterday. The beta post has a link to the release version download page, they read the forum post, they download 3.0, uninstall the old beta, and reinstall the new release.

They know (yes know) they don’t need to pay for the upgrade because when they bought the program they read that the upgrade to 3.0 would be free - in short they did their research. Since they know how to use computers and have licence key on hand the click the register button put in the windows licence key they got when they purchased the windows version post 2017 and the program produces the error that the licence is invalid.

They carefully look at the user interface. The upgrade now button has a price listed above it. Their logical conclusion is that clicking the upgrade now button will ask them to input their credit card. (Now what it does in reality is put up another interface that then asks if you are upgrading from an old licence but that is not at all obvious from the UI.)

Since they know they have a free upgrade they use internet search to find out what is going wrong, afterall as a long time user they are not inexperienced with the licencing issues the program has experienced in the past.

In my case that internet search resulted in this forum thread being turned up at the top, of which SamililyAnn provided the solution. Your third link also provided the solution to the problem. I would however note that neither the forum post on the 3.0 release, nor the press release that it links to (both of which I read before installation), contain links to that page. It probably should.