Upgrade from to mac Scrivener 3

Hi everyone, I was told a Scrivener 2 user can upgrade to Scrivener 3 for FREE. Really???

“The update to Scrivener 3 is free for users who bought Scrivener 2 on or after 20th August 2017.” (Does this sound like you? Then maybe it’s still free.)

I did a search in my email and couldnt find a purchase date? Is there another way to find this out? Thank you

Contact L&L directly, they don’t discuss licensing issues on the forum: Contact Us | Literature and Latte

thank you very much, i’ll do that

Before contacting us, you can try for yourself by plugging your old serial number into the new version, where it provides a tool for checking for discounts on upgrades. This procedure is describe in full in the link shared above.