Upgrade - install and relaunch, then nothing

I tried a couple of times today to upgrade from within the software. The update downloads and then I get an ‘install and relaunch’ button. I click it and the application quits and nothing else happens.

Any ideas?


Did you buy from the App Store or from Lit&Lat through esellerate? If the former, I believe, though I may be wrong, that you can’t upgrade that way.

This may be a pointless question and I should leave answering to those more in the know, but it’s pouring with rain here, and I’m procrastinating to see if it stops and I can go out to a better place of work without getting drowned!


The MAS version doesn’t even have the Check for Updates menu feature, so it’s probably a standard copy. Are you attempting to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x? That’s one case where the automatic update will always fail, on purpose. Too many people were upgrading without reading the bulletin notes and not realising it would de-authorise their copy, as it a major version jump requires an upgrade fee.

But if you aren’t jumping major versions, the solution is the same. If the updater fails to work, you can always get the latest version by downloading a fresh copy of the DMG file from the web site and replacing it in the Applications folder. In fact, that’s just about what the updater does, it just saves you a few steps.