upgrade shock...

I’m real sorry if this is information is to be found elsewhere as I suspect but I am easily techno-flustered and currently very frustrated that I appear to have lost all my settings after just upgrading to 2.0.1–

I spent many weeks fine-tuning my writing environment on the previous version-- I am not comfortable with all the techno-bells and whistles and one of the nice things about scrivener has been the possibility of ignoring many capabilities and creating a simple streamlined work environment for those like myself who wish to concentrate on writing-- not technology. So now I am very disappointed if-- as it appears-- I need to start from scratch to create that writing environment.

This message is, in part, to verify that I’ve done everything correctly-- when I first clicked the upgrade button the ‘upgrading’ (“barbershop pole”) message hung and so I quit and restarted – as far as I can tell the upgrade happened alright-- the old version is in the trash-- yet I never needed to drag any icons to any folders

So I guess I’m asking-- is there any way for me to make it easier to restore my old settings?-- formatting, toolbars, the look of everything?

Same thing happened to me. OK, here’s what I did…

First, I have an external hard drive that backs up about every fifteen minutes: Time Machine. I went in to a couple of hours BEFORE I installed the upgrade and dragged, or clicked on the old Scrivener icon to get it back. What was popped up was everything as I had written it a few hours before.

Now I had BOTH versions open.

When I SAVED what I was working on in the old version, the old and new interfaced and the upshot is that I now have all my old materials in 2.0.1. Screwy, but it worked.

If your old version is in the trash, drag it out. Restart ol’ dependable and see what happens.

I’ll check back to see if you’re OK.


Thank you Charles-- I tried to do this but I ran into problems-- not sure why.

I am prepared to manually reset everything… however I am perplexed by certain changes that I can’t figure out how to fix, such as a different appearance of the exact same font/size – does anyone know why this would be?

And more generally-- Should not we be warned us when all of our settings etc. are going to be changed upon installing an upgrade? I don’t recall any such warning?-- Should I have assumed this?

Well I’m clearly frustrated but I reckon it’ll be okay…

I’m sort of hoping someone who’s better informed (like, you know, Ioa :wink: ) will come in here and save the day, but I guess I can at least say that what you’re experiencing with lost preferences is not the usual experience. The upgrade shouldn’t have affected your preference settings at all, hence there being no warning. Preferences are stored in two .plist files under ~/Library/Preferences. You could maybe check your system trash to see if somehow they got moved (perhaps by an overzealous external application that cleans up deleted applications?); if so, you could put them back in the proper folder to restore your customized settings. Likewise if you run system backups, you could pull these files from a recent backup. (They’ll be com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.plist and com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.LSSSharedFileList.plist.)

Oh–this is all assuming you upgraded from 2.0 to 2.0.1. If you upgraded from 1.x, then yes, you will have to redo your settings, as so much has changed that there was no reasonable way to carry over things from the earlier version.

Yes, your original preferences are likely intact, they have been left in an older copy of the preferences file so if you ever need to install 1.54 again, they’ll be ready for you to use. I think what you mean here, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that upon upgrading to 2.0 you expected all of the old preferences to appear in the new software? This would have been nice, but really quite difficult since so much has changed in this regard. It would have represented a lot of work for something everyone will nominally only need once.

I understand and sympathise that it might be a little extra work to get 2.0 working in a fashion you are accustomed to, but do recommend going through one by one (use those little arrow buttons to flip through the available preference panes) when you have the time to do so. The main one you’ll probably want to adjust before anything else is Formatting. That is, as with in 1.x, what sets up new documents with your preferred tab stops and what have you. This is quite easy to do; just select an existing document that demonstrates your preferred formatting, place the cursor anywhere in a typical paragraph, load preferences:formatting, and click the Use Current button. The settings in Editor/Formatting/Auto-Correction will all most immediately impact how text editing looks and feels. Everything else can, by and large, be saved until you have time to explore.

Well, yes, it’s true that I’ve not appreciated that I would lose my settings upon my upgrade from 1.x to 2.0.1 – Thank you all for your input-- it did clarify the immediate matter before me. So now I’m slowly trying to get it right, and part of my personal difficulty is that formatting has always been tricky for me… but I suppose it is time that I stop feeling sorry for myself!

There is still, however, this peculiar matter of my favorite font looking differently in the new version?-- I have lined the old version (retrieved from the trash) alongside the new and the exact same font/size in old and new versions are substantially different. Since no one seems to know what I’m talking about, perhaps I should attribute this to something particular to my situation?-- I have recently changed to a new computer (Macbook Pro) with a high-resolution screen-- I wonder if this could have something to do with my observation? Yet I’m still perplexed, because I’m l’m looking at both versions on the same screen together???

Do you have the editor zoomed in your 1.x version? (Check the left side of the editor footer to see if it’s anything above 100%.)

And if that isn’t the case, would it be possible to post a screenshot? Preferably of both Scrivener 1.x and 2.0 preference panels (relevant sections) side by side. If you are unsure of how to do this, press Shift-Cmd-4 on your keyboard and then click and drag a rectangle around the two windows. You can then attach the graphic to your response, here.

Oh… that was it-- the editor zoomed to 110%. You all are good. (and/or I’m a dope). Thanks…

Glad it’s fixed!