Upgrade to 3, issues

I’ve upgraded to Scrivener 3 on a 5K iMac running High Sierra. When I go to open an existing project it first has to update the project and back it up. After it runs through this the page doesn’t show up. However, if I click out of Scrivener to the Finder, then back to Scrivener the page shows up.

When I close the project and try to open another existing project it goes through the same thing, but the project never opens. The only way to get another to open is to quit the program and repeat the setup in the first paragraph above.


PS: On the second attempt there are no status bars. Nothing actually happens. I choose the project in the dialogue box, hit return, the dialogue goes away and that’s that.

Is the project stored in your Dropbox folder?

If you move it, does it fix the problem?


It is in my Dropbox folder (Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener.

If I move it to my desktop and try to open it through the app it doesn’t open.

I also notice that even if I’ve opened that first document (see earlier comments) the “Open Recent” menu item doesn’t recognize that anything has been opened. It’s empty.

I tried deactivating and uninstalling, then reinstalling the app. Same situation.

This makes Scrivener unusable. :frowning:

Also, will using Scrivener 3 affect in any way using the iOS app?