Upgrade to Scrivener 3 has impact on iOS editing?

I tried to find it, but as far as I know it is not mentioned anywhere:

I know that when I upgrade to Scrivener 3 on Windows, I cannot open my files anymore in Scrivener 1 on Windows.
At the moment I edit my files both on Windows and on iOS and they synchronise nicely.
Does the upgrade of my files to Scrivener 3 change the way I can edit on iOS?

My assumption is that the iOS version can handle both Scriv 1 and Scriv 3 file formats, but I cannot find the confirmation for that anywhere.

iOS Scrivener has always functioned with both Windows 1.9 and Mac 3.0 versions from everything I have read. I’m sure one of the devs will pop in and link something showing how it all works, but it should be fine as long as Dropbox behaves.


Yes, iOS Scrivener can handle both formats.

I would recommend not combining synchronization and file conversion in the same operation, though.

That is, make sure the project is fully synchronized and has opened successfully in Scrivener 1, then open it in Scrivener 3.

iOS Scrivener puts its changes in a separate “mobile” folder within the project. When desktop Scrivener (either version) opens the project, it checks for conflicts and incorporates these changes into main body of the project. My concern is that if there are conflicts, resolving them simultaneously with the format change might not go well.


OK, thanks for the answers. I will make sure that all Dropbox synchronisations have been done, before I upgrade.