I"m currently running version 1.04b of Scrivener; it says it’s the latest version, but I just used someone else’s computer for a week, and it forced an upgrade of my Scrivener to theirs. I tried looking for where to upgrade, but I’m stuped. Help?

Thanks in advance.


In the program, you just need to go to the Scrivener menu and select “Check for Updates…” (you’ll need a valid internet connection). To be notified of them when they come out, go to the Preferences and ensure that “Automatically check for updates” is checked in the General pane.

Hope that helps.
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I did that, and it just tells me I’m all set and am up to date, unfortunately.

1.11 is the current release version.

I may be remembering wrong but weren’t the betas outside the regular upgrade stream? I seem to recall discussion of not being able to “check for updates” from the menu of a release version to get a beta, so it’s possible that the same restriction applies going the other way.

At any rate, you’re using a beta older than the current release version, so I recommend you upgrade - download from the website if necessary.

Thanks, janra. If I download it, I won’t need to repay, right? Because I already have a code?

That’s right. The same registration code will work for all 1.x versions.

That did the trick–thank you!

Ah, yes, janra is right… Sorry about that. The “b” for beta in the release version name throws the update system so that it doesn’t recognise 1.11 as being newer. Thanks to janra for sorting it out and pointing you in the right direction.
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