The upgrade downloads but, when I try to install, the program freezes

exactly what is the file size of your download?
Exactly where did the program freeze? What did the screen look like? How far did it get?
Have you tried installing without your antivirus or other “security” software in case of interference?
Have you rebooted and tried?
have you re-downloaded and then re-tried in case of bad download?

I am assuming this is the update for version 1.98?

I have now managed to download and install from the website rather than from the pop-up. There is still a bug in that, whilst I can open it, I can’t close it from the main screen but have to use Task Manager.

The screen freezes wherever I am working when I try to close, telling me that the program is not responding.

OS: Win10
The program opens in Dropbox.
Download size 86.745KB

Have you tried with everything running only on your local machine? Program installed there. (you did say program opens in Dropbox), files there. No issues with Dropbox. Open to the menu, not opening last document.

Does it work now? If not, have you tried stopping your antivirus program? I’m not suggesting you run without antivirus, I’m trying to determine where the conflict is, since you are experiencing a problem others don’t have, so what are the variables?

If that works, then try the saving to your dropbox. and see if the problem returns.

I deleted Scrivener and then re-installed. I am now backing up to my hard disk and it seems to be working okay.

Thanks for your help

I do this also, but it really doesn’t count as a backup. Since I save to the same drive I backup to, I also have multiple backups which automatically backup to another drive and also another backup off-site. All this happens automatically, so I don’t need to remember anything.

If we just backup to our drive and it fails, we’re screwed. If we backup to a local drive it would get stolen if the computer were stolen, or burned in a fire.