Upgraded scrivener for wine and then shortcut deleted itself.

I’m at a loss for what just happened. I had Scrivener 1.9.014 for Windows installed under Wine (also have the 2.9 beta but it’s expired) and it told me to upgrade. I clicked on the button to download to upgrade, that worked fine, then clicked on the button to install it. That seemed to work, not really sure. The shortcut said the old version 1.9.014 so I right-clicked on it to edit, change it to 1.9.016, and after pressing enter the shortcut just deleted itself.

Perhaps 1.9.016 is still on my system and I had to create a new shortcut? How do I find it to do so?

Just reinstalled it using PlayOnLinux. The license manager doesn’t work but trying to update .Net framework to 4.8.0

I don’t recommend using playonlinux. I use wine-staging (currently at 5.4). If you’re using the beta, you’ll need speechsdk and .net 4.6 or above. (See Tiho’s stickied post on this forum for instructions. You need to uninstall wine-mono from the wineprefix.)