upgraded to 3, unfortunately things didn't go well.

So I downloaded and installed v3 for Windows, all seemed to go well. installation was a breeze, and everything went pretty smoothly.

The trouble came when I opened a project file, got the message about converting from an older format etc. then it opens to a blank file, all of my work is gone.

Tried again, same thing.

tried to go back to 1.9 and find that installing 3, unregistered 1.9 and it’s now in trial mode. OK, not an issue. Try to load prior file, it’s blank. Nothing. I went chasing backup files with 1.9, everything is blank.

tried opening with wordpad to just see the raw text, nope. just the source code for the pages.

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m out of luck with no hope of recovering any of my work. I didn’t keep my original Open Office files as I was spending a lot of time modifying work on the fly. Kind of wish I had, I’d have a point of reference to at least starting over from. I really thought the auto backup was going to be enough.

Looks like tomorrow I start over, trying to rebuild 3 years worth of work.

Please check your antivirus software first.

We’ve had a number of cases where security software believes that Scrivener is bad and refuses to let it access files. So far, that explains all reports like this that we’ve seen.

If that still doesn’t help, please open a support ticket. There are a variety of ways to extract your work from damaged project files.