Upgraded to Scrivener 3.0.3 - LaTeX won't compile now

Stupidly I upgraded to 3.0.3 thinking nothing major could have changed (I compile for MMD to Latex). Now the mmd-xxx-begin/header/footer.tex files have been renamed to mmd6-xxx-header.tex etc., and my .tex file will not compile at all, as it cannot find any of the preamble or begin document stuff.

I’m trying to write a PhD report that has to be in tomorrow, so I really don’t have time for this. Is there an easy way to re-install 3.0.2? Or fix my problem? Otherwise I’m abandoning Scrivener for the time being and going to LaTeX…

thanks in advance,
very stressed,

It would be a lot easier to download a copy of MMD5 and install that, which Scrivener will use instead of the built-in version. You can finish off your project with that installed, and then once you have some time to look into it, uninstall the local copy (or install the latest MMD6) and go from there.

Failing that you could of course downgrade from the release notes page.

My mantra is to never apply any kind of system or software updates the night before a deadline though. You can know what will change intentionally from the release notes, but even then unintentional changes can break workflows.

Thanks - yes, it was a pretty dumb thing to do. Upgrading to MMD6 and making the BibTex change appears to have fixed most of the issues.