upgrading and it has lost my work

Hi, I have just upgraded - have two books on the go, and one has just vanished ( it was under the recent projects tab) - how do I get it back??? Please - this has lost an enormous amount of work.


First off, deep breath. Then if you go to open project, surf to the directory where you saved it, surf to the *.scriv file, and then open the project.scrivix file within it.

thanks, I actually did a restore on the pc to the day before, and that got it back up - so have saved everything 4 times - and will try an upgrade again - thanks for the reply.


I can’t stress this practice enough:

Buy a USB memory stick and back up your work at least EVERY DAY at the end of a writing session. Also, keep several backups (I’d say at least a week’s worth, with dated folders, in case you need to go back). And never leave all backups in one place (you can have a hundred backups on your hard drive, but if your PC fails you’ve lost them all. This is the beauty of a removable drive).

For the amount of space and time Scrivener files take up, it’s well worth it, and the beta SNAPSHOT isn’t reliable at the moment anyway (mine vanished after the upgrade, but luckily they were just tests).

Yeah, and I’ll add to back up to cd/dvd at least once a week, too. Heck, the scrivener folders are small enough to zip and gmail to yourself in a pinch, too. USB memory sticks are awesome, but they like to fail at bad times, too. When I was writing my dissertation, I’d send DVDs of my entire project to my fiance living some 3000 miles away.

My work disappeared too. I can’t find my NaNo compilation and I can’t find the complete novel before compilation.

I can find a few stray chapters.

I also have a weird file within a file within a file with in a file…like a house of mirrors seeing the mirror in the mirror etc.

I don’t know how it came to be. Under scrivener, I have a book which opens into a book which opens and has a book within and so on and so forth. None have anything different.

I don’t remember filing it like that. Just hitting save.