Upgrading BETA versions... Any advice?

Hello Fellow BETA Testers,

It crossed my mind today when I clicked on the “this expires on Dec 12th” message that when the new version comes along I’m going to have to install over my current 1.3 installation.

This raises a few questions:

1 - Is it okay to just install over the previous version, or should I uninstall the old one?

2 - If I should uninstall, will i lose my current project files in that process? should I back them up?

3 - If I should back up, how do I restore it into the new version?

Many thanks, and happy bug hunting.

Alrighty, I have some answers for you.

1- You should be able to simply install the new version, but I would RECOMMEND uninstalling and then reinstalling with the new version. This guarantees a clean install of the new beta.

2- Your project folders, as they are not saved in any install folders, should not be touched by the uninstall or the install. I choose to back them up, but every time it’s just been a cautionary thing.

3- Once the new version is installed, you can simply go into your Project Folders and double click on the project.scrivx and it will open Scrivener right into your project.

Thank you kindly for the response, much appreciated.