Upgrading for Dummies please....

I purchased Scrivener some months ago and adore it. I am a complete luddite but finally have a handle on most of the features. The version I have is Scrivener 1.03 and I run it on an older Mac (the one that looks like a lamp) and MAC OS 10.4. Now I see that there is an upgrade (1.10) available that I can download, but the instructions are pages long and there is a frightening warning about my projects having to be updated and once I do so I better not open them in a previous version or they may be corrupted and lost forever. Since I am totally clueless, I’m afraid that I may unwittingly do just that, or worse. So is there a simple step by step procedure you could outline about how I can safely download 1.10 and convert my projects over and slowly and carefully absorb whatever is new and improved?

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Just do a Spotlight search to make sure that the only copy of Scrivener you have is the one in your Applications folder. Trash any other copies and empty the trash. Then perform the update, and everything should be fine. And even if you do ever accidentally open it in another version so that the project gets corrupted, a backup is made automatically that won’t get corrupted, so you will never lose your project even in the worse-case scenario.

Most users won’t experience any problems, but the warning is there just to play it safe. The instructions aren’t actually pages long - they are just the release notes that show what’s changed. You don’t need to read it all. You could just install and find your way around, and get used to the new menu positions.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much for the speedy reply, Keith. I did as you suggested and yes, I have only the one copy of Scrivener in my Applications Folder. Now let me ask yiou another question. I was browsing the Announcements Forum and see that some people are having trouble with blank projects and hanging stats after they upgrade. Should I wait a little while till you sort out the bugs before I upgrade?


If you check out the top of the Bug Hunt forum, I’ve added a section (“known bugs & workarounds”) that explains the two major bugs with 1.10). Read that before you upgrade, so that you know how to avoid those bugs. But I do hope to release a bug-fix update over the weekend, so it’s up to you.

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Would I then install the update and install the bug fix update right afterwards?

See, I told you I was a luddite.


You would only download 1.11 when it came out. The updates are really just full versions that replace the version you have.

Oh. Duh. I get it now.
Thanks. :laughing:

I’m having nothing but problems with the update and with Scrivener. Do note that I’m now using Leopard.

When I tell the update to download and launch it goes all the way to getting my password…and the tells me that there’s an error and it can’t “write” the application and I should see my “administrator.” As I’m the administrator, that’s no help to me. I’ve no idea what’s wrong.

In addition, when I try to start a new project in Scrivener–never mind trying to update it first, it won’t let me do it. It seems frozen. I get no cursor; the window is permanently split and there’s no way to un-split it or change the size of the windows (I get arrows that should let me adjust the window, but they don’t work. Likewise, clicking on “no split” gives me no results). I can cut and paste things onto one side but not the other…

:angry: I’m really frustrated. Please help. And yes, I’ve used spotlight and my only copies of scrivener are in the applications folder.


There should only be one copy. I’d trash all instances of Scrivener from your applications folder. Then repair permissions using Disk Utility. Finally, download a clean copy of Scrivener 1.10, mount the disk, then re-install.

If all else fails, try re-installing QuickTime. Scrivener depends on QT routines and if they are corrupted, problems with Scrivener occur.

Hope this helps

The not being able to write is nothing to do with the Scrivener update but sounds like something to do with your system. I would try restarting your computer first.

For other problems, please see the “Known Bugs & Workarounds” thread in the Bug Hunt forum to see if they help.

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The “now” part of the using Leopard…you recently upgraded to Leopard? Are you having other problems with your Admin account? There have been many notices about on problems going to Leopard and losing Admin rights.

A good start on that would be at xlr8yourmac.com.

I’m not having any other Admin problems, but perhaps I’m not making the right requests to bring them up. That’s very interesting. I’ll look into it, thanks!